AC - Sluchowisko radiowe "Glitters" [ENG]

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Audycja: Amplitudy Chwil
Tytuł: AC - Sluchowisko radiowe "Glitters" [ENG]
Opis: Czy jest tam kto? Hallo! Czy tam ktos jeszcze pamietajacy Amplitudy Chwil? W tym roku, nasz kolektyw Mosaic Arts Movement w ramach corocznej inicjatywy "Sluchowiska na dzien dziecka" stworzyl bajke po angielsku. Mam nadzieje, ze bariera jezykowa nie spowoduje problemow, badz niecheci w odbiorze naszego dziela. Ten audio-epizod, jest inauguracja podkastu ktory w jezyku polskim ukazywac siebedzie w cokilkutygodniowej czestotliwosci... Zapraszam! Wojtek Glitters.mp3 Listen on Posterous   There is always time for a fairy tale. A story immersing in magic and life forces we barely acknowledge in broad daylight. But when the night is upon us, the world enters a different reality. The reality when we become children again believing in fairies and dragons. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell them only the dragons can be killed. It is high time for another story about dreams, crime and wonderful power of friendship. Welcome to Glitters, where blood can turn into gold. To celebrate the International Child’s Day, Mosaic Arts Movement is delighted to present a new radio production Glitters . It is a story about Ida, an elderly woman trapped in a lifeless house whose dreams are about freedom and happiness. Her fate is interwoven with Marian, a sorrowful nurse fighting against her own demons. The story written by Sarah Griffin, directed by Agnieszka Krauze, scripted by Gregg Brysiewicz, racorded in SoundBank Studio and remastered by Wojciech Hupert ( Mantra Train ).  Starring Lorraine Fennessy (Ida), Natalia Kostrzewa (Marian), Kamil Chechlacz (Logic), Cathal McGuire (Laboratory) and Artur Banaszkiewicz (Life). Music, by L'oniraunote . Backstage photography by Piotr Kakol The official premier takes place on 6pm, 1st June 2011 CFCP on 15 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2. Come and enjoy the realm of storytelling, fables and the unexplained. There is no better way of celebrating the Child’s Day than by discovering a child in yourself. Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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