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Opis: CIARKI to projekt założony przez dwóch muzycznych zapaleńców, Faultlines + Proxy, którzy chcą się podzielić zbieraniną ciekawych piosenek wychodzących na Wyspach Brytyjskich i nie tylko, z ludźmi którzy są głodni nowych basowych brzmień. Rdzeniem projektu będą regularnie ukazujące się podcasty zawierające dużą dawkę muzycznych świeżynek, gościnnych miksów jak i dawki nostalgii w postaci zapomnianych klubowych bangerów.
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Data aktualizacji: 2021-03-06 06:15:04
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CIARKI 037 TRACKLIST: Max Jones - 1989 [Calypso Records] Duke Hugh - Got My 606 Back [Dance Regular] DJ Windows 7 - House Music Till'Death [Dusty Editions] Jozef K - Play [True Romance Records] Marco Dassi - Morning Frequency [MIURA Records] DJ Crisps x Ell Murphy - Arms Around [Time Is Now] ZeroFG - The Reason [TXTBK] Easy Up George - Wicked [INSTINCT] Highrise - For Real [Vibesey] Skin On Skin - Shawty On Some BS {Self Release] Enayet - Bhir (Cassius Select Enemy Remix) [SLINK] Denham Audio & Coco Bryce - Single Minded People [Cheeky Music Group] S3a - 3 (& CDJ Friendly Extended Beats) [Community Center] Nicola Cruz - Barretto (Tienes Algo) [Rhythm Section International] Confluence - Virtual World [Avoidant Records] Shawn Cartier x Dufraine - I'm Tippin [childsplay] Fiesta Soundsystem - Foundation [Scuffed Recordings] FJAAK - To The Peak ft. Elli Acula (Steffi Remix) [SPANDAU20] Yazzus - Sleazy [Forthcoming Steel City Dance Discs] Drumskull - Battle Stations (Benny ILL Remix) [Seagrave] Jacques Greene x Cadence Weapon - Senna [eOne Music] CIARKI LINKS: [link] AN AVRIN LINKS: [link] [link]
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opublikowany 21 dni temu
CIARKI 036 TRACKLIST: Oklou - god's chariots (Basile3 Lost Club Mix) [Self Release] ANSZA - 539 [ec2a] Adam Pits - Gazza [Haŵs] DJ Swagger x DJ ÆDIDIAS - Don't Call Me [Time Is Now] El-B - Killa Sound ft. Juiceman [Self Release] Bawrut ft. Chico Blanco - Triangulo De Amor Bizarro (Beigean’s Amore De Noche Dub) [Ransome Note] AART - Motorola SHUBBZR [Self Release] Anna Morgan - I Don't Really Care If U Want 2 [Shubzin] Gant-Man - Distorted Sensory (Loefah's South Side Remix) [Teklife] Monir - Every Time I See You [MELD] Formally Unknown - The Glow [Harmless Youth] Confidential Recipe ft. DJ Free Download - Ovni [PLAN G] DJs Pareja & Lupe - Nuestra Forma (Beats Version) [Muy Muy] Detroit's Filthiest - Critical Condition [Bass Agenda Recordings] Baithead - Dieldrin [Omertà Records] Silkie - Ring Mod [Deep Medi Musik] Generali Minerali - Secret Location [Mind Controlled Rectifier] Warwick - Ruff [Cheeky Music Group] Porchcrawler - Pistol Shrimp [Fly By Night] Hugo Massien - Skin On Skin [Forthcoming E-BEAMZ] Refreshers - Way U Smile [Self Release] Partiboi69 x KETTAMA - Freq U All Nite [Mutual Pleasure] Fracture ft. Nah Eeto - Shada Shada [1985 Music] CIARKI LINKS: [link] MIXTRESS LINKS: [link]
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opublikowany ponad miesiąc temu
CIARKI 035 TRACKLIST: Jaymie Silk - Jack Johnson [Shall Not Fade] AceMo - Through The Pressure [Self Release] Tom VR - Ikquion Lovers [Forthcoming Intergraded] emkay - 6AM [Al Gharib] Point Guard - Hibiscus [Echocentric Records] Adam Pits - Magenta (Seb Wildblood Remix) [Coastal Haze] Ross From Friends - Burner [Scarlet Tiger] Bicep - Rever (feat. Julia Kent) [Ninja Tune] Bored Lord - Read My Mind [Self Release] Bailey Ibbs - We Run [Dansu Discs] Gridlock - Inhale [Bare Recordings] Bakongo x Spectr - Close Call [Hotflush] Aheloy! - Richard's Dream [Club In Theory] Ben Hauke - Ain't Bad [WOOP Records] Adam Pits - Donk-E [X-Kalay] Kessler - Vrieselaan [Shall Not Fade] Clouds - Cernunnos [The Parallel] Speed Gonzales - caprese w basil [childsplay] Burial - Chemz [Hyperdub] Al Wootton - Philo [ZamZam Sounds] Alex Banks - Awake [YUKU] Slick Shoota - Desire Path [Teklife] Special Request x Tim Reaper - Pull Up [Hooversound] Virgil Abloh - Delicate Limbs feat. serpentwithfeet (Special Request Remix) [Columbia] Kode9 - Rona City Blues [Hyperdub] 8Ball - The Moons [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] SOPHIE - BIPP (Autechre Mx) [Numbers] HATTI VATTI (ambient mix) TRACKLIST: Abul Mogard - In Immobile Air [Ecstatic] Michał Wolski - Ray [Self Release] Ana Roxanne - Venus [Kranky] Daniel Szlajnda - Eclipse [U Know Me] Miyako Koda - A Sea of Love (Seahorse Mix) [Grandisc] Tomasz Bednarczyk - Sunny Ambient [Room40] Maciek Polak - Exercise 31 [APEKWOLF RECORDS] Xoki - Akasha §1.7 [Rohs! Records] Kedr Livanskiy - русалка [2MR] The Strait of Anain - Ghosts in the Rain CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] HATTI VATTI LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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opublikowany 2 miesiące temu
CIARKI 034 TRACKLIST: Yosh - It's The Way [Time Is Now] Jafu - Jive Drive [Chord Marauders] Dogpatrol - Temperature Is Rising [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] Trinity Carbon - Downfall Of The Nemesis [Art-E-Fax] Mr Beatnick - Orion (Throwing Snow Remix) [Mythstery Records] Pluralist - Slightly Blown [Panel Audio] Suwal - It's All In The Game [regime brigade] Matchbox - Tneibma (Axefield Remix) [Who's Susan] Otik - 3rd Party [Self Release] Syz - Metafauna [Pseudonym Records] Real J. - Sweet Anxiety [Waxtefacts] Nikki Nair - Cclluubb [Scuffed Recordings] Henry Greenleaf -Taking First [Forthcoming Par Avion] Moma Ready - Delusions Of Grandeur [Haus Of Altr] An Avrin - Eat Clintswood [Self Release] London Modular Alliance - The Last Ninja [Longhaul] Kellen303 - Pinehearse [Woozy] ETRA - UWM [Nü Kvlture] 5ZYL & 666uba - VLN Blaster [International Chrome] Portara0000 - Tru Luv (Foamek Remix) [Goddezz] Romy - Lifetime (Anz's Togetherness Remix) [Young Turks] Eva808 - Demantar [Innamind Recordings] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM [link] TOWER BLOCK DREAMS LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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opublikowany 2 miesiące temu
CIARKI 033 TRACKLIST: Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Palf Bootleg) [Self Release] DJ Maphriosa x Kabza De Small - Mdantso [Sound Africa Rec] Soul Mass Transit System - Don't Hold Back (alright) [Warehouse Rave] Instinct - Don't Know [INSTINCT] DJ Backspin - Weapon '97 (Taste The Darkside VIP) [Relics] Sammy Virji - Basic [Self Release] X-Coast - Deep Inside [Goddezz] KG & Scratchclart - B2L [Self Release] Pa Salieu - My Family (Lua Preta Remix) [Self Release] Yann Polewka - Feel The Energy [Esuoh] M4A4 - Stepgroove [Lobster Publishing] Disclosure x Aminé x slowthai - My High [Island Records] EJECA - Another Love [Kneaded Pains] An Avrin - Séance Nose [Self Release] Foamek - Event Horizon (Machines Don't Care Remix) [Cheap Thrills] Mark Mackenzie - No Excuses [Self Release] Bodyjack - L'enfant Terrible [Fina] 9TRANE - Warming [Southpoint] Mall Grab - Leaving Tokyo [Looking For Trouble] Dense & Pika - Neon [Kneaded Pains] FJAAK - Underdawg [Self Release] Baby T - I Wish [Central Processing Unit] El-B feat. Deesim - Hey Boy [Unreleased] Addison Groove - Freakin' [Groove] Local Group - Baby Talk [Human Concrete Block] Haider - Maracuja [Breaker Breaker] PRO8L3M - Przebój nocy / gościnnie Wanda i Banda (CIARKI's cut-up edit) DC Salas - Tropical Weirdness [River Rapid] DJ Spielberg - Cyber Gunas [No She Doesn't] Dubrunner - Scorpio Season [Scuffed Recordings] Addison Groove - Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix) [GutterFunk] Asquith - Temple Runner [Who's Susan] Issu - Yes [Self Release] Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára [Bunker] Hermeth - Ghetto West Coast [Haŵs] Origin8a & Propa - Turn Me Out (Private Caller Remix) [Hardcore Energy] We Rob Rave - When I Look At You [Self Release] Rhythm Section - Coming On Strong (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [Self Release] Kush Jones - Talk Too Much [Self Release] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] Full Crate x Jarreau Vandal - Wicked (Grapoe Edit) [Self Release] Circa96 - Cave Dweller [Disrupt Records] Clipz feat. Ms Banks, MS Dynamite, Jaykae - Again (Special Request vs Paul Woolford Remix) [RCA Records] Hudson Mohawke - Need U Here [WARP]
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opublikowany 3 miesiące temu
CIARKI 032 TRACKLIST: Will Silver - We Can Talk (Supreems Remix) [Nice Age] Rémi Kaval - Sous-Bois [Self Release] Koala - Laisser [Ruffhouse Munich] Mother Of Pearls - Liminate [R.A.N.D. Muzik] Skeleton King - Lockdown Eases... (Freedom) [Cheeky Music Group] James Bangura - Incoherent Response [Forthcoming Art-E-Fax] Zaliva-D - Whisper [SVBKVLT] SCNTST - Da Bizzy Jump [Boysnoize Records] Throwing Snow - Murky (Wen Remix) [GD4YA] Posthuman - You're Mine [Food Music] solotape - Lfj2 [Lowlife Cartel] DJ Swisha - Grape Surgery [Self Release] DJ Life - White Bricks (Adam Pits' Topsy Turvy Mix) [Dansu Discs] Stones Taro - Promise [Forthcoming Kouncil Cuts] Client_03 - User Viewport [Forthcoming Astrophonica] Hodge - Lanes (Anz's Hooover Remix) [Houndstooth] Manao - Control [Bogoture Records] Mutant Joe - Liquid Skin [Self Release] Kercha - Suggestion [DNO Records] Commodo - Procession [Deep Medi Musik] Keleketla! x Coldcut - Papua Merdeka (Machinedrum Remix) [Ahead Of Our Time] ThugWidow & Bruised Skies - Thrashing, Scared, Alone [Astral Black] Why Be - Impossible Drops1 [Yegorka] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] HYPHO LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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opublikowany 3 miesiące temu
CIARKI 031 TRACKLIST: Point Of View - Show Me [INSTINCT] Tom Frankel - Mumble [Fraise] DJ Crisps - Diamonds [Time Is Now] Stones Taro - Hold On [Dansu Discs] Desert Sound Colony - The Gobbler [Holding Hands] Sam Binga ft. Redders - Bubble [Pineapple Records] Bicep ft. Clara La San - Saku [Ninja Tune] Oklou - Haku [Paradoxe Club] Clubroot - Into Exile [LoDubs Music] BufoBufo - Giant Antlion [Kouncil Cuts] Soundbwoy Killah - Something Special [Sneaker Social Club] TVB - Liquid Room (Sam Binga Remix) [U Know Me] Hypho x Biome - Encoded [Manuka Records] Biome - Let Me [Manuka Records] DJ これからの緊急災害 - 808 Hotel [International Chrome] Altern 8 - Hard Crew (Denham Audio Remix) [Self Release] Sarah Farina - Get It Gurl [Raiders (FKA Ghettoraid)] Detroit's Filthiest - Skrippers And Skrimps [Philthtrax] Unit Boy - Raised By Electro [NOSERVICE] Tom Jamey - T-1000 [Lobster Theremin] Mr. Beatnick - In Carcosa [Don't Be Afraid] Goldie - Inner City Life (2020 Remaster) [Metalheadz] [link] [link]
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CIARKI 030 TRACKLIST: Dengue Dengue Dengue - Minerals [Maloca] Bakongo - Tribal Warrior [Livity Sound] Akito - A Friend For Life, Not Just For Guest List [DCYY/到此一游] Color Plus - Phoenix M3 [3AFAK] Syz - Circulate [Forthcoming Control Freak Recordings] aphtc - Gravity's Pitfalls (Kellen 303 Remix) [Forthcoming Arcane Patterns] Cassius Select - Guia Circuit [Forthcoming Banoffee Pies Records] NKC x Bakongo - Teardown [LAVALAVA Records] JP Sunshine - I Want To Stay [Forthcoming Steel City Dance Discs] Martyn x Om Unit - Shapes [3024] Neana - Shocking [Self Release] Pro.tone - Twiddle [Dissident Sound] Laksa - Belly Brocka [Hessle Audio] Silvestre - Front Door [Secretsundaze] Hypho ft. Logan Olm - Badman Tune [Encrypted Audio] DJ Paypal - Come Back [Self Release] Coco Bryce - Hold The Line [Critical Music] Ronan - Wind Power [Eternal Ocean] Ultraista - Ordinary Boy (Crate Classics Remix) [Partisan Records] Fluid Haunts - Plum Sauce [Off Me Nut Records] TROPHY - Moments [TRAX HAVEN] Private Caller - Inside [Forthcoming Hooversound] SPECIAL GUEST MIX A.FRUIT: Dj Rashad - Hoe [Hyperdub] A.Fruit - The Drummer (VIP) [Unreleased] Bastiengoat - Bitch Imma Dom [Moveltraxx] Teerrorrythmus - Why Not Juke Nukem x Diff x Sideswipe - 61215 [District160] Redraft x J.Nomad - Bounce [Vandal Records] Booty Powder - Found My (A.Fruit Remix) [Booty Powder] K-Rai - Shodown [Devine Records] Anna Morgan - Armada Stylo [Bldsmx] J.Nomad - Funk Phenomena [Self Release] Msymiakos - Saturation [Self Release] Alix Perez & Taso - Andromeda [1985] Coco Bryce & Dead Man’s Chest - True Rebellion [Western Lore] Coco Bryce - Flight Six Six Six [Lobster Theremin] Philip D. Kick - Summer Moods [Astrophonica] Black Dobson - Lonely Self Reflection (Dj Earl, Aakeem Eshu, King Frost Remix) [Portal 88] Mel G - The Light (FreshTillDef Remix) [Black Marble Collective] Mars Kasei & Deeplinkin - DarkWhite [Worst Behaviour] SELF - Drop Top (160 VIP) [Sapyens Records] Zed Bias - Off It’s Head [Maddstyle] Fracture - No Screwface [Exit Records] Itoa - Melba [Exit Records] Dead Man’s Chest & Sknjob - Exhale [Rupture] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] A.FRUIT LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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CIARKI 029 TRACKLIST: Delay Grounds - Clatter [Pressure Dome] 4TGANG - Bossa Percussia [Human Disease Network] Pa Salieu - Betty (Lucents 125 Funky Flip) [Self Release] NKC - Radio Jacker [Super Kitchen] Dengue Dengue Dengue - Menestra [NAAFI] Sonia Calico - Mukbang Roller [More Time Records] A-Sim - Cloud Burner (Pluralist Remix) [Fly By Night Recordings] 99 Nissan Patrol - Get Sum [Extra Spicy] Arcane - Clairvoyant [Omertà Records] Synthetiq - Hey You (feat. Data Drain) [#internetghetto] Otik - Zero-Sum Game [Shall Not Fade] Dagga - Worm 91 [Steel City Dance Discs] Turk Turkelton - X Statione [Lunar Orbiter Program] Pugilist - Siphon [Forthcoming DEXT Recordings] Keene Angst - Give It Up [Self Release] Mincy - Pretty Misty [Extra Spicy] Famitsu - Tiger [Hyperboloid Records] Dexta, Hyroglifics - Boxgroove (A.Fruit Remix) [Forthcoming Diffrent Music] Margari's Kid - Serotonin [Dead Trax] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] COCO BRYCE LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 028 TRACKLIST: Mushkilla - Lovin' U [ec2a] Nitework - Higher [South London Pressings] Aluna - Don't Hit My Line (Prescribe Da Vibe Remix) [Mad Decent] M4A4 - Stepgroove [Running Out Of Steam] Krotone - Enliven [Prescribe The Vibe] Mosca - The Optics [Rent] rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo (Joe Remix) [Don't Be Afraid Records] DJ Plead - Espresso [Livity Sound] Haider - U Trippin [Warehouse Music] E-Unity - Late Tate Tale [Tem?t] Biome - Plastic Bags [Kaizen] Overmono - Everything U Need [Forthcoming XL Recordings] DJ Haus - Catch Your Breath (Coco Bryce Remix) [Unknown To The Unknown] Otik - Seasonal FX [Keysound Recordings] Kush Jones - TEKNO NEGRO [Self Release] Amit - Acid Trip (J:Kenzo Remix) [Amar Records] Addison Groove - Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix) [GutterFunk} Etch - Take It From The Top [TRAX HAVEN] DJ Earl - Wrk Dat Body [MOVELTRAXX] Martyn x Om Unit - Passanger [Forthcoming 3024] Nightwave - Sacred Heart [Forthcoming SOS MUSIC] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: ZEROFG DJ Para - Signals [Vibesey Records] D&G - Request Line [Vitamin D] Operator + Baffled ‎– Things Are Never (Steve Gurley Mix) [Self Release] Soundboy Cookie - Not Like The Way It Was [Vex Records] Main Phase - Nice 'N' Sweet [Dansu Discs] Prizent Vs Y-Tribe - I'll Get Over You (Timbuk Two Step Mix)[Northwest10 Records] The Heavyweight Kru - Bad Ass Bass [Soul Revolution] ZeroFG - Badman Flexi [Unreleased] Highrise - Teedra [Rhythm N Vibe] D Jason - LDN2LDZ [Hokkaido Dance Club] ZeroFG - Fundamental [Dr Banana] Roxy Vs EL-B - Cuba [Bison Recordings] Interplanetary Criminal - That's All Folks [Banoffe Pies Records] Ollie Rant - It's You [FLATTRAX] Instinct x 0113 - Apache [INSTINCT] DJ Cosworth - Walworth Dreams (4am Walcordee Mix) [Hardline Sounds] Frankel & Harper - Conquering Lion (ZeroFG Remix) [Forthcoming Council Work] CIARKI LINKS: [link] ZEROFG LINKS: [link]
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opublikowany 5 miesięcy temu
Chavinski - Hit The Way [Distant Horizons] Vexxe - Pulse 5 (Hartta Remix) [Circural Jaw] Max Le Daron - Nungua Riddim [Akwaaba Music] Dubrunner - Cut The Midrange [DCYY/到此一游] Kingdom - Cell Splitter [Fade to Mind] Warwick - Pass Tru [Cheeky Music Group] Hagan - On Sight [Gobstopper Records] Unknown Artist 001 - b1 [Forthcoming unknown - untilted] CXLI - PLATA [Self Release] Boddika - 808 (Hacked) [Nonplus Records] Henry Greenleaf - Formula [ARTS] Baby T - I Wish [Central Processing Unit] Luz1e - Surge [International Chrome] LB aka LABAT - Oh Shit [Steel City Dance] Driss Bennis pres. OCB - Corrupted Minds [casa voyager] Detroit's Filthiest - Legend In The Hood [casa voyager] Current Bias - Swoopee [Related Articles] Dawn Razor - Be As One 2 [Holding Hands] Neil Landstrumm - Disrespect [HERAS] Tim Reaper - Make It Real [Lobstrer Theremin] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: BORAI Borai - In My Life [Forthcoming VIVID] Borai - Remember Me [Dubplate] Mani Festo - Come Wid It [Forthcoming WNCL] Mani Festo - Explorer [E-BEAMZ] Mani Festo - Spiral [Killer Smile] Skin Teeth - Nebulous (LMajor Remix) [Last Days Of Rome] LMajor - Brainstorm [Dubplate] LMajor - Spinnin [Dubplate] LMajor - Feelin [Dubplate] LMajor - Fundamental Truth [Dubplate] Denham Audio - Timz [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] Denham Audio ft. Borai - Pocari Sweat [Sneaker Social Club] Borai - Movin 303s [Dubplate] Denham Audio & Borai - Make Me [Mani Festo’s VIP Dubplate] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM BORAI LINKS:
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CIARKI 026 TRACKLIST: Happa - Rolling Empires [PT/5 Records] T. Jacques - Voyetra [Nuances de Nuit] Stones Taro - Muddy Fish [YAM Records] Anz - Stepper [Hessle Audio] Arma - Escape [Trax Couture] Al Wootton - Revin [Livity Sound] ATW - Homage (Steppas Mix) [ATW Records] Hypho - Why You Here? [Manuka] James Bangura - Resolve [HAUS of ALTR] Sam Interface - Crud [Forthcoming R&S] Lazaurs - Downwards [Of Paradise] JV & Palf - Out Front (Hed Ardennes Remix) [Panel] Pessimist - Love In The Jungle [Illian Tape] Soreab - Cave Walk (Cando Remix) [Forthcoming Le Chatroom] Monir - In Transit [Grief Into Rage] Mani Festo - Baltic Sea [E-Beamz] Versalife - Shadow Union [20/20 Vision] Jozef K - Disintergrated [Lost City Archives] Denham Audio - Feel The Panic [Lobster Theremin] DJ Laxxiste A - Zero Proof [Sample Delivery] J. Albert - Wax Engine (Reggie Stepper - Cu-Oonuh) [Self Release] Lamont - Hold Dat [Tectonic] Zora Jones - Cease Fire [Fractal Fantasy] Pholo & gl00my - Admire [] Ravver - Nights [Terrorhythm] Speed Gonzales - Piece Of Me [199] Law & Kola Nut - Self Control [Repertoire] Subjects - Wile Out [Deep Jungle] Sully - Werk [Forthcoming Astrophonica] SPECIAL GUEST MIX BASY TROPIKALNE: Son Palenque - Yo Me Voy (Indus Mix) [Palenque Records] Azu Tiwaline - Luz Azul [I.O.T Records] Ultima Esuna - Pradera [Self Release] DJ Raff - Resistencia (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix) [Big In Japan] Aryu Jassika - Something Else Piano [SWAK CATALOG] Nicola Cruz - Levanta Muertos [Optimo Music Digital Danceforce] MC Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Diarabi (Aero Manyelo Remix) [Blank Manioc] Lua Preta - Noemia [U Know Me] Hidden Memory - Kaburora [Beating Heart] Eams - Roca [Human Pitch] Lorenzo_BITW - Basta (feat. MC Yallah & Swordman Kitala) [Future Bounce] Gafacci - Trotro (Noaipre Remix) [Clam Clam] MC Buzzz - Bota (King Doudou Afro Mix) [DAFAIRJUAN] Amor Satyr - Bota Na X [Egregore Collective] Atro - Hot (Atro Funky Refix) [Self Release] Badsista - Machooka [femme culture] SNOW - Yeke Yeke (feat. Kuenta) [More Time Records] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM BASY TROPIKALNE LINKS:
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CIARKI 025 TRACKLIST: Y U QT - Get U [Warehouse Rave] Main Phase - Restless [Time Is Now] Stones Taro - Salt Desert [NC4K] Soul Mass Transit System - Someone [Time Is Now] Lua Preta - Mostra Pistola (Awgs' Warsaw Pistola Remix) [U Know Me Records] Kaval - Moving Lianas [Self Release] Les Sins & AceMo - C'mon Les' Go [Sonic Messengers] Nikki Nair - Eating Flowers [Krunk Kulture] JV & Palf - Out Front [Panel Audio] Alex R - Shotts [SPE:C] Jubley - Like This [Fodder Records] Breaka - The Startup [Forthcoming Off Beat Records] Drum Thing - No No [Scuffed Recordings] Dense & Pika - Neon [Kneaded Pains] Shawn Cartier - Parking Lot [Carouse] Litherland - Strife [MOTE Records] Denham Audio - Top Buzz [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] manix - You're Dreaming [Reinforced] Ravver - Eyes On Me [Self Release] Adjazent - Chelsea Manning [New World Dysorder] ThugWidow - An Unsettling Feeling [Kudatah] Cool Tiger - Hide & Seek (AQXDM Remix) [Forthcoming Junction Records] Mr. Mitch - I'll Be 20 When I'm 40 [Forthcoming Gobstopper Records] Hudson Mohawke - Need U Here [Warp Records] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: MARK MACKENZIE Birthday Phil - Do Dubs All Night [Self-Release] Booty Buster - Get Ignorant [urwaxx] Svzz - Booty Dance [Self Release] Paranorman - No Poetry [Fusion Diagnostics] Bluematter - Blackness [E-Beamz] Tommy Holohan - Bluelemonade [Unknown To The Unknown] Bakground & Sangam - Keeper Of The Lost [Lobster Theremin] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] Brain Rays & Quiet - Crewcut Apex [SEAGRAVE] Hyroglifics - Aura [Astrophonica] Fracture x Sam Binga - EBP [Astrophonica] Nocturnal Sunshine - Pull Up ft Gangsta Boo [BMG] DJ Kim’s Convenience Store - Let’s Learn Japanglish With Jungle Rhythm [Juicy Traxxx] Om Unit - Vertigo [Submerged] Om Unit - Peninsula [Submerged] Marquis Hawkes - Morning After [Unknown To The Unknown] Bruised Skies & Thugwidow - Second Passes [Astral Black] Underworld - STAR [Smith Hyde Productions] Bakground & Sangam - Intermission [Lobster Theremin] dgoHn - Dolorous Dick’ead [Astrophonica] Mahakala - Tomahawk VIP [Mahakala] Booty Buster - The One [Unknown] ?? - Shake Ya Ass (Edit) [Unreleased] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM MARK MACKENZIE LINKS:
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CIARKI 024 TRACKLIST: Pugilist - Your Doing It Wrong [Self Release] Two Shell - Fracture [Forthcoming Mainframe Audio] CLIPZ - Again (Juls Remix) ft. Ms Banks, Ms Dynamite, Jaykae [RCA] Pépe - Hydrangea [Naive] Sky Joose - Garage Bunnies [Practical Rhythms] Sevi G - Beatiful Music (EL-B Mix 1) [Uptown Records] Interplanetary Criminal - Bronze [Warehouse Rave] DJ Backspin - Weapon '97 (Taste the Darkside VIP) [Relics] Main Phase - Buku [Warehouse Rave] Bakey - Take It Further [Forthcoming Time Is Now] Pearson Sound & Clara - Mi Cuerpo (Instrumental) [Self Release] Piezo - Castrol [Hundebiss] Late Night Date - Transcience [Lobster Theremin] Addison Groove - Freakin' [Groove] Adelphi Music Factory - Area 39 [Shall Not Fade] Dyslecta - B&H Black [Me Me Me] Club Cab - {Ain't A) Cop [Club Designs] Strebor - In Excess [Satta Records] Viers - Innocence [Typeless] Deejay Bloom & J Wax - FourFifty [Forthcoming Kouncil Cuts] Elisa Bee - Rave 90 [Balkan Vinyl] Tearz - Hunt With A Rake [Knightwerk] DJ SWISHA - I'm So High (feat. DIYR) [Self Release] Jon1st - Rose Point [Worst Behaviour] Kush Jones - Talk To Much [Self Release] Earl Gray & Dead Man's Cheast - Fugitive Version [Western Lore] AYYA - Second Mistake [PAN] SPECIAL GUEST MIX TRAP DOOR: Al Wootton - Over [TRULE] 1-800 Girls - Slipping [Lost Palms] Murlo - Dancer [Coli Records] Pinch - Accelerated Culture [Tectonic] Soul Mass Transit System - Slapcrack [Timeisnow] Four Tet, Champion - Flip Side [Text Records] Addison Groove - Cus' I Vuct It [Groove] Dance System - Acid Attack [Self Release] KETTAMA - Raw Cuts [Free DL] Dizzy Fae - Lifestyle (Palmistry Remix) [DIZZY FAE] Marrz - Flat Line [POINTBLANK RECORDS] Bluetoof - Express Way [For The Massive] Stanton Warriors - Hope Tim [Punks] Arma - Work That [Self Release] Benton - Tek None [Benton Beats ] Pearson Sound - Alien Mode [Hessle Audio] Sosa UK - DFCW [Sola] BS1 - Work It 4 Me [Merge Layers] Soul Mass Transit System - In De Ghetto [For The Massive] IZCO - Revitalisation (feat. Novelist) [RINSE] TRAP DOOR LINKS: CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 023 TRACKLIST: Sinjin Hawke - Blank Spaces [Fractal Fantasy] DJ POLO - Doldrums [Club Djembe] Riffs - My Weapon [Prjkts] LVNDLXRD - Must Be Luv [Tumble Audio] Main Phase - Get Higher [Nerang Recordings] Interplanetary Criminal - Darkside [Shall Not Fade] Tower Block Dreams - Phone Line Crew [Warehouse Rave] Bailey Ibbs - Mine [Self Release] Pangea - Midnight Plane [Hessle Audio] Bodyjack - Enfant Terrible [FINA WHITE] Shlohmo - Ten Days Of Falling (Jacques Greene Remix) [True Panther Sounds] Axefield - Root Down Rhythm [Who's Susan] Dan Miles - Salt Riddim [877 Records] Chunky - Novella (feat. Trigga) [Swamp81] Hypho - Gold Medal (feat. Sumgii) [Manuka Records] TVB - Let's have it [Self Release] Viers - Rob The Store [Steel City Dance Discs] Haider - Maracuja [Breaker Breaker] Qant - Blumen [Egregore Collective] z72.52 - Club Drama (Boy 8-Bits Runaway Remix) [FUTURE-EVERYTHING] Reflec - Hiatus [Lobster Theremin] SPECIAL GUEST MIX WE ROB RAVE: Gus Pirelli - Meet In The Middle (Fracture rmx) [Gutter Funk] Sinistarr - I Pop, I Jit [EXIT Records] Omni Trio - The Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) [Moving Shadow] Johny L - I Want You [XL Recordings] Generla Malice - Platinum (DJ K Dubplate VIP) [Big Cat Records] DJ Brisk - Make It Rough {Insane & Mind Remix) [Kniteforce Records] Samurai Breaks - Higher [Off Me Nut Records] WE ROB RAVE- So Hot [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] AWE - Cool Song [Self Release] Samurai Breaks - Supermarket Sweepah [Unrleased] Remarc - Ice Cream + Syrup [Suburban Base] WE ROB RAVE - The Stabbist [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] Q Project - Champion Sound [Legend Records] Cesco - Drones [1985 Music] Rufige Cru - Terminator [Metalheadz] Eprom & Zeke Beats - Humanoid 2.0 (werobravermx) [Unreleased] Joy O - Sico Cell (Dubsknit rmx) [Unreleased] WE ROB RAVE - Human Hackers [Self Release] DJ Crystl - Paradise [Dee Jay Recordings] Luger - Pass Agent [Leaf] WE ROB RAVE - Tempo Fire [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] WE ROB RAVE - When I Look At You [Self Release] Riffz - let yo body [Suck Puck] Riffz - 666’92 [Self Release] Capone- Massive [Hardleaders] Thetaphi - Rainbow Stout [Santorin 2000] The Mighty Dreadnaut - Junglist Ronin (DJ Hybrid rmx) [Deep In The Jungle Records] RRRitalin - Welcome To The Error Dome [Self Release] Elementz Of Noize - Science [Unknown] Eprom - Hope [Deadbeats] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] WE ROB RAVE LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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CIARKI 022 TRACKLIST: Snowing Throw - Lose Again [Houndstooth] Jackmate - Werk [Accidental Records] Baby J - Stay (A While) [Hokkaido Dance Club] Al Wootton - Over [Trule] Soul Mass Transit System - Slapcrack [Time Is Now] PPalace - UK Luchi [CYBERJIT] Fear-E - Here Comes The 60......Again (Extended Mix) [Takeout] Anunaku & DJ Plead - Clap Clap [AD 93] Neida - Orchid [Le Ciel Records] Zoo Look - Direct Contact [Forthcoming E-Beamz] Maria Amor - Feeling Plaza [naive] CT Kidobó & LAU - XTC [Dalmata Daniel] Radio Slave - Staying Out All Night [Rekids] Spektralsound - Happy Heart [Keysound Recordings] Mark Archer - What's The Name [Frendzone] Denham Audio - The Chain [Nineteen Ninety Four] Dylan Forbes - Evolution [Echocentric Records] Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza [Rave Selekts] Dexorcist - Rage Signal [Forthcoming Ecstasy Garage Disco] Kush Jones - Pre-Club Workout (feat. DJ Swisha & James Bangura) [Self-Release] Mekas - Spinal Infoplex [Chaosmos Records] Kiddy.Wav - You Should Talk To Ur Girlfriend [JERRY HORNY] Tim Reaper & FFF - So [Future Retro] Ital Tek - Diamond Dust [M.I.S.O.B.M.H] SPECIAL GUEST MIX SAYURI: Floating Points - Bias [Ninja Tune] Nah Eeto - Hunijui [Blah Records] Osquello - Sur Jupiter [Osquello] Mall Grab - Slow Motion [Looking For Trouble] Scuti - Huh [By Gum / Different Recordings] Gaika, Lao - Kingdom of Slums [NAAFI] Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart - Bounce [Self Release] Zebra Katz - ISH [ZFK Records] Daniel Ness, 18+ - Manual Touch [Merci Jitter] Skeler - 1992 [4AM] Injury Reserve, Amine - Jailbreak the Tesla [Seneca Village Recordings] Trooh Hippi - Blud [Self Release] The Gaslamp Killer, Mophono - Hjorth [Cuss Records] Steve Spacek, Skeptical - Follow Me [Eglo Records] Zaia - Demons [Not Fit For Society/Arista Records] Hucci - World [Hucci Music Worldwide] SAYURI LINKS: CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 021 with HÆRA
CIARKI 021 TRACKLIST: ANSZA - Harder Y Harder [ec2a] ZeroFG - Fundamental [Dr Banana] Pearson Sound - Everything Is Inside Out [Hessle Audio] DJ Physical - The Sound Goes Down [Mood Of The Era] Nocturnal Sunshine - Gravity ft. RY X (Emanuel Satie Remix) [BMG] Justin Jay - Vale Of Tempe (Viers Remix) [Ovum Recordings] Anz - Body + Mind [Physically Sick] An Avrin - Clodhopper [Scuffed Recordings] Kaval - Dada [Self Release] JADALAREIGN - Chemistry [HAUS of ALTR] Kush Jones - Reso [Future Times] Ciel - Trojan Horse (DJ SWISHA remix) [Self Release] Frazer Ray - You & Me [Rinse] Devoye - Watchu Heard About This [HAUS of ALTR] DJ SWISHA & DIYR - Red Dot [Self Release] Thodén - Silica [Electroménager] Foamplate - Mima [Magic Toast] Dom Perignon - Glass House [Classical Trax] DJC - Coiled [Earthly] DJ Please - Westside part 2 VIP [Das Booty] DJ SWISHA - Stardawg [Physically Sick] Amadeezy - Deadly Disco Posion (Feadz Remix) [Moveltraxx] WE ROB RAVE - CJ'S TAKE CONTROL [Self Release] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: HÆRA 96 Back - Party Animal [Hypercoulor] Holloway - Ride Dem Tight Kutz [Self Release] Pizzaboy - No Affection [The Bunker] Galaxy Lane - Made [Lone Romantic] Skin On Skin - I Understand BS Fluently But I Can't Speak It [Stay On Sight Recordings] Skee Mask - IT Danza [Illian Tape] Le Motel - Enono [Maloca Records] Ivorian Doll - Rumours [Self Release] Jessy Lanza feat. DJ Spinn & Taso - You Never Show Your Love [Self Release] BSN Posse - Save Me From Myself (feat. Amati) [Iberian Juke] Dead Man's Chest - Acid Inna Dancehall [Myor Music] Metrist - KJ Receder [Timedance] Albino Sound - Dried Seeds [Modern Obscure Music] Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind (Original Mix) [Self Release] HÆRA LINKS: [link] [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 020 with OPAR
CIARKI 020 TRACKLIST: James Bangura - Supercosa [Banoffee Pies Records] Main Phase - Orginal Style [Dansu Discs] Bakey - Brighter Days (Remix) [Self-Release] Krotone - Altitude [Forthcoming Krotone] Roy Vision - Mean Track (RV Hard Dub Mix) [Demo Test] Zac Stanton - Stop Tellin' Me [INSTINCT] Holloway - Hold U Close [Shall Not Fade] Private Press - B1 Untilted [Ziemia] Fis-T - Tear out [Self-Release] EM + STAV - Orbit Groove [InterGraded] SAAH - SYSTEM SHOCK [Dionysian Mysteries] StacEmp - That's Right [Steel City Dance Discs] Sweely - I Gotta Keep On (Souzo Remix) [La Chinerie] DJ POLO - Burnt Tone [Roska Kikcks & Snares] Special Request - No Other Way To Say It [Forthcoming R&S] Trance Wax - Northen Sky [Self-Release] Joseph Marinetti - Zero Energy Repetition [Self Release] E.Reflexion - Chimere [Samsara Beats] Borai - Sanctuary [Forthcoming Higher Level] Skee Mask - IT Danza [Illian Tape] Kessler - Innocence [Yellow Island Records] Pinch - Accelerated Culture [Tectonic] Imajika - Walking Through The Elephant's Foot [Subaltern Records] Phossa - Untitled [White Peach Records] Touchy Subject - The All Clear [Medallion Sound] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] DJ FLP - Lost... [Samsara Beats] Comfort Zone - Never Felt (Regular Mixxx) [Childsplay] Philip D Kick - 160909313 [Forthcoming Astrophonica] OPAR PRODUCTION MINIMIX TRACKLIST OPAR - Bravo OPAR - WWA OPAR - 50/50 OPAR - Mocniej OPAR - Na Ogonie OPAR - Aftery OPAR - Wysoko OPAR LINKS: [link] @oparbeats CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 019 TRACKLIST: NDNM - Papers Please [Beef Records] Flint - 7K-L1 [casa voyager] James Bangura - Bountiful Fruit [Townhead Recordings] Chungo - Duvrow Hill [Forthcoming Dudbridge Garage International] Dervisis - 05تتφιÇ [Eclipse Tribez] Biome - Stagger [Kaizen] Pugilist - Acid Flange [3024] Strict Face - Hawk's Eye [Self Release] Beton - Dockside (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings] Todd Osborn feat. Luke Vibert - 5 [Blueberry Records] Krotone - New Beginning [Of Paradise] ETCH - Darkside [Forthcoming SEAGRAVE] Bot1500 - Matrix 14.2 (Konx-Om-Pax Remix) [Analogical Force] DJ Taye - Boathouse [PYROT3K] Amadeezy - So Good [International Chrome] DJ Mell G - He My Hoe (feat. Bbybando) [Planetaria Soundsystem] Bennelux - Lockin' It Down [Forthcoming Astigmatic Records] Coco Bryce - Gagaku [WhoDemSound Records] Luke Vibert - Lower [Hypercolour] Circa96 - Cave Dweller [Disrupt Records] SPECIAL GUEST MIX ROSS WITNESS: Boku - Game [Soul Jamz Records] Pugilist - Untitled [Trule] Borderlandstate - Pattern Collapse [Exit Records] Foodman - Hiraka [Self Release] Silene - Reflect [Energy Source] Ltd Colours - Carrier [Glome Sound] DJ Swisha & Kush Jones - Snare Track [Self Release] Swordman Kitala - Heat Flexx - O'Flynn rmx [Blip Discs] Debba - Echo [Cricular Jaw] 515 Connection - Call & Response [TDSR] Eastman - Selector [Padre Himalaya] Naco - Amazon [85acid] AΣTYTEKK - Lick my Bass [FTP] Gohda - Thug (in this club) [Self Release] Rave 2 the grave - Give a little love [Jedi/Stormtrooper Recordings] Fiesta Soundsystem - GST Separate [Warehouse Rave] Isshu - Chemdawg 91 [SEAGRAVE] Andrea - Drummzy [Illan Tape] Archipelago Soundsystem - Rinse it rite (Stones Taro rmx) [NC4K] Creep Woland - 0800 Falkirk Triangle [Kudos Records] THUGWIDOW - Eternal Sovereign [Self Release] Dillinja - Silver Blade [Prototype] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 018 TRACKLIST: Breaka - Steeze Flex [Forthcoming Breaka Recordings] Eliphino - It's Hard To Say [Needs] Darkstar - Jam (Horsepower Productions Remix Dub) [WARP] Sibin - Come With The Ragga (SE Mix) [Self Release] Peaky Beats - Twizzle Me This [Fraise Records] Lyra Valenza - Sport Mode [Forthcoming Petrola 80] Kilig - VHS Flex [Origins] Otik & Tom VR - Poly Echo 97 [Ransome Note] DJ Spielberg - Cyber Gunas [No She Doesn't] Rhyw - Stare Me Down [Forthcoming Fever AM] Pseudopolis - It Ain't No Big Thing [Forthcoming Kouncil Cuts] Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára [FTP] Alan Johnson - Step Inna War [Forthcoming Art-E-Fax] Flore - Coded Langaugae (Walton Remix) [Forthcoming POLAAR] Farsight - While [Forthcoming Maloca] Mitch Wade Cole - Deep Fake Dance [Scuffed Recordings] Chrissy - Can't You Feel It (Soundbwoy Killah) [Dansu Discs] Foul Play - Black Sun (Skeleton Army Remix) [Forthcoming Killer Smile] Denham Audio - Make U Move [Forthcoming There Is Love In You] Arma - 1994 [4 the Heads Mix] (Self Release) Hermeth - Ghetto West Coast [Haws] DJ これからの緊急災害 - 808 FUTURISTIC RAVE [Jupiter4] Brain Rays & Quiet - Ataru Flip [SEAGRAVE] GUEST MIX BABY MEELO: DJ Hyperactive, Jason Patrick - Harrier Env [4 Track Recordings] Kendal - Disturbo [Autunno Dischi] Mella Dee - 01302 (999 Mix) [Hardgroove] Lafontaine - Portal 2 Space [Planet X] Raven - Insomnia [Rekids] COMPUTER DATA - Selbstbesinnungen [Lost Palms] Route 8 - All Those DJs [This Is Our Time] Kmyle - Ora [ARTS] Nur Jaber - Planet Freedom [OSF] Scalameriya - Tainted Voltage [47] Re:Axis - Inner Fire [Monocline Records] Chris Wood - Forth the Future [Housewax] Vitess - Continental [Houseum Records] BABY MEELO LINKS: @babymeelo [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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