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Opis: CIARKI to projekt założony przez dwóch muzycznych zapaleńców, Faultlines + Proxy, którzy chcą się podzielić zbieraniną ciekawych piosenek wychodzących na Wyspach Brytyjskich i nie tylko, z ludźmi którzy są głodni nowych basowych brzmień. Rdzeniem projektu będą regularnie ukazujące się podcasty zawierające dużą dawkę muzycznych świeżynek, gościnnych miksów jak i dawki nostalgii w postaci zapomnianych klubowych bangerów.
Data dodania: 2020-02-07 19:42:35
Data aktualizacji: 2020-09-22 22:35:04
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CIARKI 026 TRACKLIST: Happa - Rolling Empires [PT/5 Records] T. Jacques - Voyetra [Nuances de Nuit] Stones Taro - Muddy Fish [YAM Records] Anz - Stepper [Hessle Audio] Arma - Escape [Trax Couture] Al Wootton - Revin [Livity Sound] ATW - Homage (Steppas Mix) [ATW Records] Hypho - Why You Here? [Manuka] James Bangura - Resolve [HAUS of ALTR] Sam Interface - Crud [Forthcoming R&S] Lazaurs - Downwards [Of Paradise] JV & Palf - Out Front (Hed Ardennes Remix) [Panel] Pessimist - Love In The Jungle [Illian Tape] Soreab - Cave Walk (Cando Remix) [Forthcoming Le Chatroom] Monir - In Transit [Grief Into Rage] Mani Festo - Baltic Sea [E-Beamz] Versalife - Shadow Union [20/20 Vision] Jozef K - Disintergrated [Lost City Archives] Denham Audio - Feel The Panic [Lobster Theremin] DJ Laxxiste A - Zero Proof [Sample Delivery] J. Albert - Wax Engine (Reggie Stepper - Cu-Oonuh) [Self Release] Lamont - Hold Dat [Tectonic] Zora Jones - Cease Fire [Fractal Fantasy] Pholo & gl00my - Admire [] Ravver - Nights [Terrorhythm] Speed Gonzales - Piece Of Me [199] Law & Kola Nut - Self Control [Repertoire] Subjects - Wile Out [Deep Jungle] Sully - Werk [Forthcoming Astrophonica] SPECIAL GUEST MIX BASY TROPIKALNE: Son Palenque - Yo Me Voy (Indus Mix) [Palenque Records] Azu Tiwaline - Luz Azul [I.O.T Records] Ultima Esuna - Pradera [Self Release] DJ Raff - Resistencia (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix) [Big In Japan] Aryu Jassika - Something Else Piano [SWAK CATALOG] Nicola Cruz - Levanta Muertos [Optimo Music Digital Danceforce] MC Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Diarabi (Aero Manyelo Remix) [Blank Manioc] Lua Preta - Noemia [U Know Me] Hidden Memory - Kaburora [Beating Heart] Eams - Roca [Human Pitch] Lorenzo_BITW - Basta (feat. MC Yallah & Swordman Kitala) [Future Bounce] Gafacci - Trotro (Noaipre Remix) [Clam Clam] MC Buzzz - Bota (King Doudou Afro Mix) [DAFAIRJUAN] Amor Satyr - Bota Na X [Egregore Collective] Atro - Hot (Atro Funky Refix) [Self Release] Badsista - Machooka [femme culture] SNOW - Yeke Yeke (feat. Kuenta) [More Time Records] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM BASY TROPIKALNE LINKS:
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opublikowany 19 dni temu
CIARKI 025 TRACKLIST: Y U QT - Get U [Warehouse Rave] Main Phase - Restless [Time Is Now] Stones Taro - Salt Desert [NC4K] Soul Mass Transit System - Someone [Time Is Now] Lua Preta - Mostra Pistola (Awgs' Warsaw Pistola Remix) [U Know Me Records] Kaval - Moving Lianas [Self Release] Les Sins & AceMo - C'mon Les' Go [Sonic Messengers] Nikki Nair - Eating Flowers [Krunk Kulture] JV & Palf - Out Front [Panel Audio] Alex R - Shotts [SPE:C] Jubley - Like This [Fodder Records] Breaka - The Startup [Forthcoming Off Beat Records] Drum Thing - No No [Scuffed Recordings] Dense & Pika - Neon [Kneaded Pains] Shawn Cartier - Parking Lot [Carouse] Litherland - Strife [MOTE Records] Denham Audio - Top Buzz [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] manix - You're Dreaming [Reinforced] Ravver - Eyes On Me [Self Release] Adjazent - Chelsea Manning [New World Dysorder] ThugWidow - An Unsettling Feeling [Kudatah] Cool Tiger - Hide & Seek (AQXDM Remix) [Forthcoming Junction Records] Mr. Mitch - I'll Be 20 When I'm 40 [Forthcoming Gobstopper Records] Hudson Mohawke - Need U Here [Warp Records] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: MARK MACKENZIE Birthday Phil - Do Dubs All Night [Self-Release] Booty Buster - Get Ignorant [urwaxx] Svzz - Booty Dance [Self Release] Paranorman - No Poetry [Fusion Diagnostics] Bluematter - Blackness [E-Beamz] Tommy Holohan - Bluelemonade [Unknown To The Unknown] Bakground & Sangam - Keeper Of The Lost [Lobster Theremin] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] Brain Rays & Quiet - Crewcut Apex [SEAGRAVE] Hyroglifics - Aura [Astrophonica] Fracture x Sam Binga - EBP [Astrophonica] Nocturnal Sunshine - Pull Up ft Gangsta Boo [BMG] DJ Kim’s Convenience Store - Let’s Learn Japanglish With Jungle Rhythm [Juicy Traxxx] Om Unit - Vertigo [Submerged] Om Unit - Peninsula [Submerged] Marquis Hawkes - Morning After [Unknown To The Unknown] Bruised Skies & Thugwidow - Second Passes [Astral Black] Underworld - STAR [Smith Hyde Productions] Bakground & Sangam - Intermission [Lobster Theremin] dgoHn - Dolorous Dick’ead [Astrophonica] Mahakala - Tomahawk VIP [Mahakala] Booty Buster - The One [Unknown] ?? - Shake Ya Ass (Edit) [Unreleased] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM MARK MACKENZIE LINKS:
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CIARKI 024 TRACKLIST: Pugilist - Your Doing It Wrong [Self Release] Two Shell - Fracture [Forthcoming Mainframe Audio] CLIPZ - Again (Juls Remix) ft. Ms Banks, Ms Dynamite, Jaykae [RCA] Pépe - Hydrangea [Naive] Sky Joose - Garage Bunnies [Practical Rhythms] Sevi G - Beatiful Music (EL-B Mix 1) [Uptown Records] Interplanetary Criminal - Bronze [Warehouse Rave] DJ Backspin - Weapon '97 (Taste the Darkside VIP) [Relics] Main Phase - Buku [Warehouse Rave] Bakey - Take It Further [Forthcoming Time Is Now] Pearson Sound & Clara - Mi Cuerpo (Instrumental) [Self Release] Piezo - Castrol [Hundebiss] Late Night Date - Transcience [Lobster Theremin] Addison Groove - Freakin' [Groove] Adelphi Music Factory - Area 39 [Shall Not Fade] Dyslecta - B&H Black [Me Me Me] Club Cab - {Ain't A) Cop [Club Designs] Strebor - In Excess [Satta Records] Viers - Innocence [Typeless] Deejay Bloom & J Wax - FourFifty [Forthcoming Kouncil Cuts] Elisa Bee - Rave 90 [Balkan Vinyl] Tearz - Hunt With A Rake [Knightwerk] DJ SWISHA - I'm So High (feat. DIYR) [Self Release] Jon1st - Rose Point [Worst Behaviour] Kush Jones - Talk To Much [Self Release] Earl Gray & Dead Man's Cheast - Fugitive Version [Western Lore] AYYA - Second Mistake [PAN] SPECIAL GUEST MIX TRAP DOOR: Al Wootton - Over [TRULE] 1-800 Girls - Slipping [Lost Palms] Murlo - Dancer [Coli Records] Pinch - Accelerated Culture [Tectonic] Soul Mass Transit System - Slapcrack [Timeisnow] Four Tet, Champion - Flip Side [Text Records] Addison Groove - Cus' I Vuct It [Groove] Dance System - Acid Attack [Self Release] KETTAMA - Raw Cuts [Free DL] Dizzy Fae - Lifestyle (Palmistry Remix) [DIZZY FAE] Marrz - Flat Line [POINTBLANK RECORDS] Bluetoof - Express Way [For The Massive] Stanton Warriors - Hope Tim [Punks] Arma - Work That [Self Release] Benton - Tek None [Benton Beats ] Pearson Sound - Alien Mode [Hessle Audio] Sosa UK - DFCW [Sola] BS1 - Work It 4 Me [Merge Layers] Soul Mass Transit System - In De Ghetto [For The Massive] IZCO - Revitalisation (feat. Novelist) [RINSE] TRAP DOOR LINKS: CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 023 TRACKLIST: Sinjin Hawke - Blank Spaces [Fractal Fantasy] DJ POLO - Doldrums [Club Djembe] Riffs - My Weapon [Prjkts] LVNDLXRD - Must Be Luv [Tumble Audio] Main Phase - Get Higher [Nerang Recordings] Interplanetary Criminal - Darkside [Shall Not Fade] Tower Block Dreams - Phone Line Crew [Warehouse Rave] Bailey Ibbs - Mine [Self Release] Pangea - Midnight Plane [Hessle Audio] Bodyjack - Enfant Terrible [FINA WHITE] Shlohmo - Ten Days Of Falling (Jacques Greene Remix) [True Panther Sounds] Axefield - Root Down Rhythm [Who's Susan] Dan Miles - Salt Riddim [877 Records] Chunky - Novella (feat. Trigga) [Swamp81] Hypho - Gold Medal (feat. Sumgii) [Manuka Records] TVB - Let's have it [Self Release] Viers - Rob The Store [Steel City Dance Discs] Haider - Maracuja [Breaker Breaker] Qant - Blumen [Egregore Collective] z72.52 - Club Drama (Boy 8-Bits Runaway Remix) [FUTURE-EVERYTHING] Reflec - Hiatus [Lobster Theremin] SPECIAL GUEST MIX WE ROB RAVE: Gus Pirelli - Meet In The Middle (Fracture rmx) [Gutter Funk] Sinistarr - I Pop, I Jit [EXIT Records] Omni Trio - The Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) [Moving Shadow] Johny L - I Want You [XL Recordings] Generla Malice - Platinum (DJ K Dubplate VIP) [Big Cat Records] DJ Brisk - Make It Rough {Insane & Mind Remix) [Kniteforce Records] Samurai Breaks - Higher [Off Me Nut Records] WE ROB RAVE- So Hot [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] AWE - Cool Song [Self Release] Samurai Breaks - Supermarket Sweepah [Unrleased] Remarc - Ice Cream + Syrup [Suburban Base] WE ROB RAVE - The Stabbist [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] Q Project - Champion Sound [Legend Records] Cesco - Drones [1985 Music] Rufige Cru - Terminator [Metalheadz] Eprom & Zeke Beats - Humanoid 2.0 (werobravermx) [Unreleased] Joy O - Sico Cell (Dubsknit rmx) [Unreleased] WE ROB RAVE - Human Hackers [Self Release] DJ Crystl - Paradise [Dee Jay Recordings] Luger - Pass Agent [Leaf] WE ROB RAVE - Tempo Fire [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] WE ROB RAVE - When I Look At You [Self Release] Riffz - let yo body [Suck Puck] Riffz - 666’92 [Self Release] Capone- Massive [Hardleaders] Thetaphi - Rainbow Stout [Santorin 2000] The Mighty Dreadnaut - Junglist Ronin (DJ Hybrid rmx) [Deep In The Jungle Records] RRRitalin - Welcome To The Error Dome [Self Release] Elementz Of Noize - Science [Unknown] Eprom - Hope [Deadbeats] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] WE ROB RAVE LINKS: [link] [link] [link]
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CIARKI 022 TRACKLIST: Snowing Throw - Lose Again [Houndstooth] Jackmate - Werk [Accidental Records] Baby J - Stay (A While) [Hokkaido Dance Club] Al Wootton - Over [Trule] Soul Mass Transit System - Slapcrack [Time Is Now] PPalace - UK Luchi [CYBERJIT] Fear-E - Here Comes The 60......Again (Extended Mix) [Takeout] Anunaku & DJ Plead - Clap Clap [AD 93] Neida - Orchid [Le Ciel Records] Zoo Look - Direct Contact [Forthcoming E-Beamz] Maria Amor - Feeling Plaza [naive] CT Kidobó & LAU - XTC [Dalmata Daniel] Radio Slave - Staying Out All Night [Rekids] Spektralsound - Happy Heart [Keysound Recordings] Mark Archer - What's The Name [Frendzone] Denham Audio - The Chain [Nineteen Ninety Four] Dylan Forbes - Evolution [Echocentric Records] Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza [Rave Selekts] Dexorcist - Rage Signal [Forthcoming Ecstasy Garage Disco] Kush Jones - Pre-Club Workout (feat. DJ Swisha & James Bangura) [Self-Release] Mekas - Spinal Infoplex [Chaosmos Records] Kiddy.Wav - You Should Talk To Ur Girlfriend [JERRY HORNY] Tim Reaper & FFF - So [Future Retro] Ital Tek - Diamond Dust [M.I.S.O.B.M.H] SPECIAL GUEST MIX SAYURI: Floating Points - Bias [Ninja Tune] Nah Eeto - Hunijui [Blah Records] Osquello - Sur Jupiter [Osquello] Mall Grab - Slow Motion [Looking For Trouble] Scuti - Huh [By Gum / Different Recordings] Gaika, Lao - Kingdom of Slums [NAAFI] Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart - Bounce [Self Release] Zebra Katz - ISH [ZFK Records] Daniel Ness, 18+ - Manual Touch [Merci Jitter] Skeler - 1992 [4AM] Injury Reserve, Amine - Jailbreak the Tesla [Seneca Village Recordings] Trooh Hippi - Blud [Self Release] The Gaslamp Killer, Mophono - Hjorth [Cuss Records] Steve Spacek, Skeptical - Follow Me [Eglo Records] Zaia - Demons [Not Fit For Society/Arista Records] Hucci - World [Hucci Music Worldwide] SAYURI LINKS: CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 021 with HÆRA
CIARKI 021 TRACKLIST: ANSZA - Harder Y Harder [ec2a] ZeroFG - Fundamental [Dr Banana] Pearson Sound - Everything Is Inside Out [Hessle Audio] DJ Physical - The Sound Goes Down [Mood Of The Era] Nocturnal Sunshine - Gravity ft. RY X (Emanuel Satie Remix) [BMG] Justin Jay - Vale Of Tempe (Viers Remix) [Ovum Recordings] Anz - Body + Mind [Physically Sick] An Avrin - Clodhopper [Scuffed Recordings] Kaval - Dada [Self Release] JADALAREIGN - Chemistry [HAUS of ALTR] Kush Jones - Reso [Future Times] Ciel - Trojan Horse (DJ SWISHA remix) [Self Release] Frazer Ray - You & Me [Rinse] Devoye - Watchu Heard About This [HAUS of ALTR] DJ SWISHA & DIYR - Red Dot [Self Release] Thodén - Silica [Electroménager] Foamplate - Mima [Magic Toast] Dom Perignon - Glass House [Classical Trax] DJC - Coiled [Earthly] DJ Please - Westside part 2 VIP [Das Booty] DJ SWISHA - Stardawg [Physically Sick] Amadeezy - Deadly Disco Posion (Feadz Remix) [Moveltraxx] WE ROB RAVE - CJ'S TAKE CONTROL [Self Release] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: HÆRA 96 Back - Party Animal [Hypercoulor] Holloway - Ride Dem Tight Kutz [Self Release] Pizzaboy - No Affection [The Bunker] Galaxy Lane - Made [Lone Romantic] Skin On Skin - I Understand BS Fluently But I Can't Speak It [Stay On Sight Recordings] Skee Mask - IT Danza [Illian Tape] Le Motel - Enono [Maloca Records] Ivorian Doll - Rumours [Self Release] Jessy Lanza feat. DJ Spinn & Taso - You Never Show Your Love [Self Release] BSN Posse - Save Me From Myself (feat. Amati) [Iberian Juke] Dead Man's Chest - Acid Inna Dancehall [Myor Music] Metrist - KJ Receder [Timedance] Albino Sound - Dried Seeds [Modern Obscure Music] Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind (Original Mix) [Self Release] HÆRA LINKS: [link] [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 020 with OPAR
CIARKI 020 TRACKLIST: James Bangura - Supercosa [Banoffee Pies Records] Main Phase - Orginal Style [Dansu Discs] Bakey - Brighter Days (Remix) [Self-Release] Krotone - Altitude [Forthcoming Krotone] Roy Vision - Mean Track (RV Hard Dub Mix) [Demo Test] Zac Stanton - Stop Tellin' Me [INSTINCT] Holloway - Hold U Close [Shall Not Fade] Private Press - B1 Untilted [Ziemia] Fis-T - Tear out [Self-Release] EM + STAV - Orbit Groove [InterGraded] SAAH - SYSTEM SHOCK [Dionysian Mysteries] StacEmp - That's Right [Steel City Dance Discs] Sweely - I Gotta Keep On (Souzo Remix) [La Chinerie] DJ POLO - Burnt Tone [Roska Kikcks & Snares] Special Request - No Other Way To Say It [Forthcoming R&S] Trance Wax - Northen Sky [Self-Release] Joseph Marinetti - Zero Energy Repetition [Self Release] E.Reflexion - Chimere [Samsara Beats] Borai - Sanctuary [Forthcoming Higher Level] Skee Mask - IT Danza [Illian Tape] Kessler - Innocence [Yellow Island Records] Pinch - Accelerated Culture [Tectonic] Imajika - Walking Through The Elephant's Foot [Subaltern Records] Phossa - Untitled [White Peach Records] Touchy Subject - The All Clear [Medallion Sound] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] DJ FLP - Lost... [Samsara Beats] Comfort Zone - Never Felt (Regular Mixxx) [Childsplay] Philip D Kick - 160909313 [Forthcoming Astrophonica] OPAR PRODUCTION MINIMIX TRACKLIST OPAR - Bravo OPAR - WWA OPAR - 50/50 OPAR - Mocniej OPAR - Na Ogonie OPAR - Aftery OPAR - Wysoko OPAR LINKS: [link] @oparbeats CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 019 TRACKLIST: NDNM - Papers Please [Beef Records] Flint - 7K-L1 [casa voyager] James Bangura - Bountiful Fruit [Townhead Recordings] Chungo - Duvrow Hill [Forthcoming Dudbridge Garage International] Dervisis - 05تتφιÇ [Eclipse Tribez] Biome - Stagger [Kaizen] Pugilist - Acid Flange [3024] Strict Face - Hawk's Eye [Self Release] Beton - Dockside (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings] Todd Osborn feat. Luke Vibert - 5 [Blueberry Records] Krotone - New Beginning [Of Paradise] ETCH - Darkside [Forthcoming SEAGRAVE] Bot1500 - Matrix 14.2 (Konx-Om-Pax Remix) [Analogical Force] DJ Taye - Boathouse [PYROT3K] Amadeezy - So Good [International Chrome] DJ Mell G - He My Hoe (feat. Bbybando) [Planetaria Soundsystem] Bennelux - Lockin' It Down [Forthcoming Astigmatic Records] Coco Bryce - Gagaku [WhoDemSound Records] Luke Vibert - Lower [Hypercolour] Circa96 - Cave Dweller [Disrupt Records] SPECIAL GUEST MIX ROSS WITNESS: Boku - Game [Soul Jamz Records] Pugilist - Untitled [Trule] Borderlandstate - Pattern Collapse [Exit Records] Foodman - Hiraka [Self Release] Silene - Reflect [Energy Source] Ltd Colours - Carrier [Glome Sound] DJ Swisha & Kush Jones - Snare Track [Self Release] Swordman Kitala - Heat Flexx - O'Flynn rmx [Blip Discs] Debba - Echo [Cricular Jaw] 515 Connection - Call & Response [TDSR] Eastman - Selector [Padre Himalaya] Naco - Amazon [85acid] AΣTYTEKK - Lick my Bass [FTP] Gohda - Thug (in this club) [Self Release] Rave 2 the grave - Give a little love [Jedi/Stormtrooper Recordings] Fiesta Soundsystem - GST Separate [Warehouse Rave] Isshu - Chemdawg 91 [SEAGRAVE] Andrea - Drummzy [Illan Tape] Archipelago Soundsystem - Rinse it rite (Stones Taro rmx) [NC4K] Creep Woland - 0800 Falkirk Triangle [Kudos Records] THUGWIDOW - Eternal Sovereign [Self Release] Dillinja - Silver Blade [Prototype] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 018 TRACKLIST: Breaka - Steeze Flex [Forthcoming Breaka Recordings] Eliphino - It's Hard To Say [Needs] Darkstar - Jam (Horsepower Productions Remix Dub) [WARP] Sibin - Come With The Ragga (SE Mix) [Self Release] Peaky Beats - Twizzle Me This [Fraise Records] Lyra Valenza - Sport Mode [Forthcoming Petrola 80] Kilig - VHS Flex [Origins] Otik & Tom VR - Poly Echo 97 [Ransome Note] DJ Spielberg - Cyber Gunas [No She Doesn't] Rhyw - Stare Me Down [Forthcoming Fever AM] Pseudopolis - It Ain't No Big Thing [Forthcoming Kouncil Cuts] Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára [FTP] Alan Johnson - Step Inna War [Forthcoming Art-E-Fax] Flore - Coded Langaugae (Walton Remix) [Forthcoming POLAAR] Farsight - While [Forthcoming Maloca] Mitch Wade Cole - Deep Fake Dance [Scuffed Recordings] Chrissy - Can't You Feel It (Soundbwoy Killah) [Dansu Discs] Foul Play - Black Sun (Skeleton Army Remix) [Forthcoming Killer Smile] Denham Audio - Make U Move [Forthcoming There Is Love In You] Arma - 1994 [4 the Heads Mix] (Self Release) Hermeth - Ghetto West Coast [Haws] DJ これからの緊急災害 - 808 FUTURISTIC RAVE [Jupiter4] Brain Rays & Quiet - Ataru Flip [SEAGRAVE] GUEST MIX BABY MEELO: DJ Hyperactive, Jason Patrick - Harrier Env [4 Track Recordings] Kendal - Disturbo [Autunno Dischi] Mella Dee - 01302 (999 Mix) [Hardgroove] Lafontaine - Portal 2 Space [Planet X] Raven - Insomnia [Rekids] COMPUTER DATA - Selbstbesinnungen [Lost Palms] Route 8 - All Those DJs [This Is Our Time] Kmyle - Ora [ARTS] Nur Jaber - Planet Freedom [OSF] Scalameriya - Tainted Voltage [47] Re:Axis - Inner Fire [Monocline Records] Chris Wood - Forth the Future [Housewax] Vitess - Continental [Houseum Records] BABY MEELO LINKS: @babymeelo [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 017 TRACKLIST: J Chrysalis - Drip Ripple [Forthcoming Gen Record] Al Wootton - Raphael [Needs] Pugilist - Eclipse [Forthcoming DEXT RECORDINGS] Holloway - MFCC [Forthcoming Shall Not Fade] Kahter & Hypho - Metanoia (Hypho Remix) [Manuka Records] Ido Plumes - Which Way Is Up [Livity Sound] Nativ - $emit('end')(Soreab Remix) [Current Records] Breaka x Guava - Fiscal Hibiscus [R&S Records] Ian DPM - The Mule [Scuffed Recordings] Forest Drive West - Hidden Past [Delsin Records] Tymotica - Tin Teardrop (Dario Zenker Lounge Remix) [Ruffhouse Industries] Matthew Laundro - Council [Nostro Hood System] TV.OUT - Back To Routine [4 Club Use Only] DJC - DIPPED [Earthly] Orphus - Out Of Time [Forthcoming Local Action] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: WANTS Matthew Dekay - The Four Agreements (Martin Roth Beats Edit) [Anjunadeep] Hypho - Civilians [Swamp81] Hypho - Get A Job [Swamp81] Pepe - Life Signs (Roll Mix) [Church 2020] Keplrr & Max Winter - SG34 [Céad] O'Flynn - SGD (Soundbwoy Killah Remix) [Hundred Flowers Records] Anunaku - Teleported [3024] Partiboi69 - Can I Vape In Here [Fin Bradley] Turk Turkelton - Sugar [Ghettoraid] RNBWS - Autonomy [Jelly Bean Farm] Aiden Francis - Departure [Jerk It International] Hermeth - Break It [Carouse] Luz1e - Ridin [Shall Not Fade] Nikki Nair - The Analyst [Pretty Weird Records] Ole Mic Odd - Acid Turbo [Hilltown Disco] Asquith - Let Me (Thunder Mix) [Asquith] Redshape - Phonkin [Content] Ancient Methods - Cradle The True Side Of Reality [KHIDI] WANTS LINKS: [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link]
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CIARKI 016 with CJ REIGN // 01.05.2020
CIARKI 016 TRACKLIST: LORKESTRA - Wan Spliff [Self Release] Desert Sound Colony - Mega Globule [Holding Hands] Soul Mass Transit System - Don't Trip Dog [Warehouse Rave] Main Phase - Stepping Up [Warehouse Rave] Pinder - Gd For Me [Subtle Records] DJ Zinc & Alicai Harley - Bubble (Sully Remix) [Bingo Bass] 9TRANE - Warming [Southpoint] Yak - Dire Hit [3024] Pugilist - Portal [Trule] Axefield - Weh Dem A Do [Who's Susan] Catching Flies - Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killah Remix) [Indigo Soul] Ozwald - Lord Of The Buss [Flood] Lurka - Point Noise Behaviours [Timedance] Hame DJ - On 1 [Kalahari Oyster Cult] Client_03 - Am I Reaching You Yet? [Astrophonica] Random XS - Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix) [Delsin Records] Otik - Ghost Mole (Original Mix) [Gobstopper Records] RNBWS - Sex at 5am [Jelly Bean Farm] Asquith - Rave Til Dawn [Forthcoming Asquith] Jamie xx - Idontknow [Young Turks] TillTill - So Good [Trax Haven] Rhythm Section - Coming On Strong (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [Self Release] GUEST MIX TRACKLIST CJ REIGN: El-B - Desire [Fraction House] CJ Reign - Work That (Original Mix) [Self Release] PD Syndicate - Zoom Zoom [Public Demand] Artful Dodger - What Ya Gonna Do (Dubaholics Drop The Funk Remix) [Public Demand] CJ Reign Feat. Busta Rhymes - Latino Weekend (Summer 07 Vybe) [Self Release] DJ Zinc - 138 trek (Zed Bias Remix) [Bingo Bass] D Base - Love Is Deeper (King Size Mix) [D Base] Dubaholics - Got To Know Ya (Organic Flava Dub) [Rotating Records] CJ Reign - Heep Hop Stylee (CJ's 2k12 Dub) [Self Release] DJ Lewi feat. MC Treble & MC Remedy - Hit Em With A High (CJ Reign Remix) [White Label] Loui & Scibi feat. Jacob A - Around (CJ Reign 2 Step Vox) [Self Release] Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline (MJ Cole Remix) [Polydor] CJ REIGN LINKS: [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link]
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CIARKI 015 // 17.04.20
CIARKI 015 TRACKLIST: DJ Chupacabra – Nitro [Carpet & Snares Records] Pépé Elle – Sparkling Water [3 Feet Deep] Holloway – Evanition [Instinct] Ollie Rant – Only A Few [Hardline Sounds] Yaeji – Raingurl (Hartta's 2-Step Edit) [Self Release] DJ Swagger – Fuk Designa [Thirty Year Records] AÆE – Noite Inteira [XXIII] Porter Brook – Present Tense (De Grandi Remix) [Electroménager] Deep Sky Objects – Rays & Secondaries [Never Ready Records] Ubahnrider – Emulator [Typeless Records] Ikonika – Nobody [Don’t Be Afraid] Cleveland – Gamma (Piezo Remix) [Forthcoming Kalahari Oyster Cult] Pseudopolis – Poppin' Works [Hilltown Disco] Lana Del Rey – Ride (Special Request Remix) [Self Release] Polymod – Kalimera [17 Steps] Mr. G – Embassy [Phoenix G] Dawl – Subject 91 [Haws] Client_03 – Thought Disposal [Forthcoming Astrophonica] issu – yes [Self Release] 515 Connection – Positive & Negative [Self Release] Sir Rah – Dulcet Tear [Cutcross Recordings] Potsja – Subsonic [Allthatroundu] Last Japan ft. Killa P – Exhale (Escha Remix) [Circadian Rhythms] Tom Place – Elementals [Typeless Records] Deep Sky Objects – The Chant [Never Ready Records] De-Tu – Stay Low [Innamind Recordings] Alix Perez – Lifeline [1985 Music] BNDT72 – Lost (DJ Spinn Remix) [Forthcoming Beat Machine Records] Minor Science – Balconies [Whities] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: ILL1 Nomine – Nomine's Path [Nomine Sound] Mr. K – One Skin [White Peach] Samba – Kami [System Music] J. Kenzo – Deadbull [Artikal Music] My Nu Leng – The Grid [877 Records] Benga & Coki – Night (Doctor Jeep Warehouse Mix) [Self Release] Mala – Bury Da Bwoy (Mella Dee Edit) [Self Release] Kingdom – That Mystic [Night Slugs] My Nu Leng & Kahn – Ruins [FABRICLIVE.86] Anunaku – Teleported [3024] Sir Hiss – Tehran Gunshots [No More Mailouts] Samba – King Kan [Deep Medi Musik] Dengue Dengue Dengue – Coimú Gqoimú [Enchufada] Samba – Chatter [Encrypted Audio] Ternion Sound – Ukandu Ikandu [Gourmet Beats] CIARKI LINKS: [link]
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At the end of last month we have put together a 30 minute mix for a livestream session for a club in Wrocław, Poland called @uczulenie. No chatting just pure rolling belters! All of this was recorded live from our HQ in Edinburgh. You can still see Fault Lines dancing about if you visit their Twitch account. We have been asked by many of you to put this on Soundcloud, so here you go! CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 014 with RHYTHM B. // 03.04.20
CIARKI 014 TRACKLIST: Luz1e - Ridin [Shall Not Fade] Fio Fa - Fantasm [Duality Trax] X-Coast - Deep Inside [Forthcoming GODDEZZ] Morgan Wright - Love Is A Motherfucker... Eh [Pelvis Records] Eliphino - Lo Life [Lobster Theremin] Al Wootton - Teresa [Trule] Will Hofbauer - Pyrex [Lobster Theremin] Chungo - Pineapple [Scuffed Records] Andrea - TrackQY [Forthcoming Ilian Tape] Benton - Frost Dance [BBS] Ejeca - Another Love [Kneaded Pains] Rhyw - Just in Case [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin] Nah Eeto & Sumgii - Wanawake [Swamp81] Thodén - Heides Gade [Row Records] Cocktail Party Effect - For the Memory Exchange [Forthcoming Tectonic Rec.] Walton - Bullet5 [Self Release] Coco Bryce - Luv ain EZ [Forthcoming GODDEZZ] Sheen - One, Two Track [Self Release] Mall Grab - Release Your Body ('93 Mix) [Looking For Trouble] FJAAK - Underdawg [Self Release] Sega Bodega - CC (feat. Shy girl) [Crazylegs] Flore - Coded Language [POLAAR] Addison Groove - TeknoJuke [Forthcoming Gutterfunk] Merph & Mantissa - Whip [Lobster Theremin] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: RHYTHM B. Seven Orbits - Ganglion [SVBKVLT] Leena Abdelwahed - Lila Fi Tounes [InFiné] Unknown - Unknown [White Label] 33EMYBW - Arthropods Continent(Ikonika Remix) [SVBKVLT] Impey - B 4rm B [Ghost Notes Worldwide] Monotronique - Big Puncher [Opal Tapes] Jerome Hill - Lunacy Module [DEXT] Unknown - Unknown [White Label] Overmono - Daisy Chain [Poly Kicks] Peder Mannerfelt - A Queen [Voam] Low Tape - Reality Zone [Nerang Recordings] DJ Deeon - Pimp On 2K2 [Juke Trax Online] Galtier - Main10(Helix Remix) [Apothecary Compositions] Unknown - Unknown [White Label] Rhythm B. - Untitled Break [Unreleased] RHYTHM B. LINKS: CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM
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CIARKI 013 // 20.03.20
CIARKI 013 TRACKLIST: Sub Basics - Nomad [Temple of Sound] Kesa - High Graid [Trax Couture] Hagan - Right Here [Future Bounce] Numbertheory - Belphegor's Prime [DCYY/到此一游] Scratcha DVA - Influenza VIP (Feat. Nan Kolè) [Self Release] Kaval - Mummy Powder [Lowup Records] Yann Polewka - Feel The Energy [Esuoh] Timothy Clerkin - Slave Too [Insult to Injury] Addison Groove - Brand New Drop [Gutterfunk] Andy Garvey - Red Stars [Lobster UNDR] Pugilist - Shimmer [Nous klaer Audio] Interplanetary Criminal - Oh La La [Time Is Now] Willy - Troy Boy [Eyeangle Records] DJC - Capricorn [Nightslugs] Hypho - Oh’s and Zee’s [Swamp81] SebastiAn/Bakar - Sober (Jimmy Edgar Remix) [Ed Banger Records] DJ Normal 4 - Return Of The Hooligans [Needs Records] LSDXOXO - Women Eat Their Men [Buttons] DJ M.F. Technician - Better Than A Heartbeat [RotterHague Records] 5ZYL - Check This Out [Shubzin] Asquith - Temple Runner [Who's Susan] DIY 1990 - Odisea [Me Me Me] Rakjay - What’s It Worth [NSX Records] Sunken Frequencies x Crow x Serious Jorge - Tempo (Parrotice Remix)[1155] Mystic State & J:Kenzo - Competition [Artikal Records] Somah - Dark Arts [Deep Medi] Fearless Dread - Violator [Plantpower] Nikki Nair - Scuzzy [Pretty Weird Records] Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة - Juke Lockstep [Self Release] Blackmarket - 2-step [Unknown] Toma Kami - Immature Cheddar [Manband] Le Motel - Chamaa [Malo Recordings] dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina [Self Release] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 012 with YOUNG MAJLI // 06.03.20
CIARKI 012 TRACKLIST: Nathan Melja - Synesthesia (Pariah Remix) [Kalahari Oyster Cult] Detroit's Filthiest - Cabaret [Casa Voyager] Jacksonville - A FON [Forthcoming on Hobbes Music] Two Shell - N35 [Forthcoming on Mainframe Audio] Karima F - Falconhoof [Forthcoming on Mothers Finest] Jaymie Silk - For The Girls [Pelican Fly] Omaar - Birds Theme [Super Kitchen] Blâme - Berçeuse [Forthcoming on [re]sources] Earth Trax - Squawk Box [Shall Not Fade] Ste Roberts - Mangrove Nine (London Modular Alliance Remix) [Forthcoming on STE] Formally Unknown - Lotus Turbo [Fever AM] Grammar Of Movement - Plastic Games [Lobster Theremin] Gallegos, Baby Rollen - B45 [Holding Hands] Coco Bryce - Dragon Fly [LCA] Hornsey Hardcore - If it Ain’t Ruff [Horsney Hardcore] Pepe - Bridging Mechanics [Naive Records] Paranorman - No Poetry [Fusion Diagnostics] DJ Swagger - Deep Down [Ghettoraid] Steve Spacek - Follow Me (Skeptical Remix) [Eglo Records] Pa Salieu - Frontline [WMG] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: YOUNG MAJLI [REGIME BRIGADE] Konduku - Bolu [Idle Hands] Alex Coulton - Bounce (Pev Version) [Dnuos Ytivil] Otik - Actress [Graded Records] Loraine James - My Future feat. Le3 bLACK [Hyperdub] Happa - Clip [Whities] WILHELMINA - Black Angels [Self Release] Local Group - Baby E [Corrupt Data] Willy - Unlucky 4 Some [Eyeangle Records] HERMAN - Maglamah [Fine Grains Records] Color Plus - Zooomb [Towhead Recordings] CCL x Flora Fm - Liquify Interference [Planet Euphorique] Ehua - Roman [Femme Culture] Martyn - Bauplan (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok remix) [Brainfeeder] Iglew - Sleep Lighter [Gobstopper Records] YOUNG MAJLI LINKS: [link] [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 011 with BUSZKERS // 21.02.2020
CIARKI 011 TRACKLIST: Labok - Rome 2 Apophis [Egregore Collective] MC TRIBE - 24 TO LIFE [Manic!] Kaval - Nenufar [XXIII Beats] Kaval - Bwoy Inna Jungle [Egregore Collective] Temple of Smoke - Jock Club [Self Release] Syn - Void [Even the Strong] Jossy Mitsu - Whirl [Astral Black] Hodge - Silo [Mother Finest] Current Obsession - Drop Down [Butter Sessions] Otik - Gravel [InterGraded Records] Happa - Clip [Whities] Walton - SBWYS [Tectonic Records] Heritage - The Revelation [Scuffed] Will Hofbauer - Whiplash [Homage] Saah - Brainwave [Typeless Records] An Avrin - Séance Nose [1718354 Records] Eva 808 - Too Late [Innamind Recordings] ONHELL - Intuition [Terrorhythm] Louis King ft. Brain Rays - Why Pree? (Early Mix) [Seagrave] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: BUSZKERS [U KNOW ME RECORDS] Universo - Whisperdroids Chapter [Zødiaque Tapes] Deft - Zimma [LDN Recordings] Client_03 - Debt Loop Buffer [Self Release] Normal Bias - Fourties Are Getting Restless [U Know Me Records] Mr. K - Red Handed [White Peach] Special Request - DOUBLE SICKO [Self Release] Om Unit - A Groove [Self Release] dBridge x Fulltono x Kabuki - Forte [Exit Records] Comoc - What This Button Do [Self Release] Dj Manny x Dj Taye - Give It To Me [Teklife] Sam Binga feat. Slay - Spinners (Instrumental) [Pineapple Records] Utah? - Tilt [Coyote Records] Noon - Bergenske [Nowe Nagrania] BUSZKERS LINKS: [link] [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 010 // 07.02.20
CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link]
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CIARKI 009 with TVB // 24.01.20
CIARKI 009 TRACKLIST: Sleight of Hands - Hypnotise [Green Gorilla Lounge] Soulecta - Spider Groove [Four40 Records] ZeroFG - Controlla [Four40 Records] Jubley - Unseen Enemies [DimSum Records] Escape Artist - Digital Natives [Kalahari Oyster Kult] Unknown - Do You Know [Unknown] Chrissy - In Paradise [17steps] Aquatronics - Hydrosaurus [Jupiter4] Borai & Denham Audio - Clouds Across The Stars [E-Beamz] Jad & The - R U There? [Beats of No Nation] Moy - Bad Gateway [Batrachian] Locked Club - Shadow Ghost Kurwa [Electro Music Coalition] James Bangura - Color Of Rhythm [Vanity Press] Hoovering Blur - Old Gold [Sneaker Social Club] Foamek - Event Horizon (Machine's Don't Care Remix)[Cheap Thrills] Om Unit - Peninsula [Cosmic Bridge] Kuthi Jinani - Corals [Beat Machine Records] Presente - Off World [Yerevan Tapes] SPECIAL GUEST MIX: TVB TVB - Ster Lue Preta - Quero Mais feat. Morena Leraba (Jowaa Remix) [Basy Tropikalne] TVB - Statek Two Shell - SYNC 2020 [Livity Sound] TVB - Liquid Room (dub) Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix)[Text Records] TVB - Movements (dub) Testset - Frühlingslicht [PLZ Make It Ruins] MJ Cole - If Only (TVB Remix)[Self Release] Nuff Pedals - Drive By [Gutterfunk] TVB - Party Time (dub) Juniper - Constellations In You [3024] TVB - Make Me Feel [G-Stepz Records] LSDXOXO - Freakquency [Self Release] TVB LINKS: [link] [link] [link] [link] CIARKI LINKS: [link] [link] @sleightofhands | @soulectamusic | @zerofg | @jubleyy | @escapeartistaus | @chrissytrax | @user-242546199 | @borai | @denhamaudio | @jad-lee | @ritualpoison | @lockedclub | @jamesbangura | @sneakersocialclub | @machinedrum | @omunit | @kuthijin | @prsnt | @jowaajowaa | @twoshell | @overmono | @plzmakeitruins | @nuffpedals | @3024world | @ldxoxo
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CIARKI 008 // 10.01.20
CIARKI 008 TRACKLIST: Throwing Snow - Remainisce ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ - ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡(ƟӨ)ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ ꐑ(ཀ ඊູ ఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂ✧✧✧✧✧✧ළඕั࿃ूੂ࿃ूੂ Julio Bashmore - Jubilee 0113 - Steppa Baby J - Unity Self - Drop Top (Otik Remix) Mark Mackenzie - No Excuses Dan Miles - Talk Borrowed CS - Digitalpattern Debba - Signal Don Heston - I’m Actually Guava - Segelflugzeug KODAMA - Pale Blue Dot Boxwork - Hardknott Pressure Pump Code Walk - Touch Soreab - Watchme (Benton Remix) Jonas Friedlich - Principal Thing Laurent Garnier - Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Revenge Remix) Finn & India Jordan - H.U.R.L Rosalía - A Palé Mall Grab - Positive Energy Forever DJ Different - Can't Seem to get enough Rhythm Baboon - Private Dancer Sideswipe - You Don't Know Himsky - Secret Knowledge Special Request - David Lynch on Consciousness Special Request - ELYSIAN FIELDS [link] [link] @throwingsnow | @four-tet | @juliobashmoremusic | @shallnotfade | @otikmusic | @markmackenzie-uk | @danielmileswhite | @borrowedcassettes | @debba01 | @higglers | @guavanoise | @urbanpoetry | @boxworkmusic | @codewalk | @soreabuk | @jonasfriedlich | @laurent-garnier | @finnmccorry | @rosaliaofficial | @mallgrab | @rhythmbaboon | @djsideswipe | @pkge | @specialrequest
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